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Segment #1 Park and Ride Lot #1819 North Kingstown, RI to Albany, NY

  1. Sept. 20th. Park & Ride lot #1819 North Kingstown, RI to Little Pub, Old Saybrook, CT. 71 miles
  2. Sept, 21st. Old Saybrook, CT to Bridgeport, CT. 56 miles
  3. Sept. 22nd. Bridgeport CT, to 1Times Square, NYC. 68 miles
  4. Sept. 23rd. 1 Times Square, NYC to Brewster, NY. 60 miles
  5. Sept. 24th Brewster, NT to Kingston, NY. 64 miles
  6. Sept. 25th. Kingston, NY to Albany, NY. 70 miles

SEGMENT#2 Albany, NY to Niagara Falls, NY

  1. Sept. 26th. Albany, NY to Little Falls, NY. 80 miles
  2. Sept. 27th Little Falls, NY to Syracuse, NY. 83 miles
  3. Sept. 28th. Syracuse, NY to Waynesport Historic Area hwy 206, NY. 73 miles
  4. Sept. 29th. Waynesport Area, NY to Medina, NY. 61 miles
  5. Sept. 30. Medina NY to Niagara Falls, NY Visitor Center. 48 miles

Segment #3 Niagara Falls,NY to St. Joseph, MI

  1. Saturday Oct. 2nd. Niagara Falls, NY, to Dunkirk, NY. 65 miles
  2. Sunday Oct. 3rd. Dunkirk, NY to Conneaut, OH. 76 miles
  3. Monday Oct. 4th. Conneaut, OH to Rock and Roll HOF, Cleveland,OH. 78 miles
  4. Wednesday Oct. 6th. Rock and Roll HOF, to Mohawk Path, Sandusky, OH. 66 miles
  5. Thursday Oct. 7th. Mohawk Path, OH to Holland, OH. 62 miles
  6. Friday Oct. 8th. Holland, OH to Fremont, IN. 64 miles
  7. Saturday Oct. 9th. Fremont, IN to St. Joseph, MI. 102 miles

Segment #4 St. Joseph, MI to Plover, WI

  1. Sunday Oct. 10th. St. Joseph, MI to Holland, MI. 52 miles
  2. Monday Oct. 11th. Holland, MI to Muskegon, MI. 45 miles
  3. Tuesday Ferry to Milwaukee, Oct. 12th Depart: 10:15am EST ARR: 11:45 CST
  4. Tuesday Oct. 12th. Milwaukee, WI to Belgium, WI. 45 miles
  5. Wednesday Oct. 13th. Belgium, WI to Manitowoc, WI. 45 miles
  6. Thursday Oct. 14th. Manitowoc, WI to Menasha, WI. 52 miles
  7. Friday Oct. 15th. Menasha, WI to Manawa, WI. 45 miles
  8. Saturday Oct. 16th. Manawa, WI to Plover, WI. 32 miles