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The Route Taken for TOT 1.0 in 2020

Madison, WI to Dubuque, IA 103 Miles
Dubuque, IA to Moline, IL 102 Miles
Moline, IL to Ft. Madison, IA 107 Miles
Ft. Madison, IA to Hannibal, MO 88 Miles
Hannibal, MO to Grafton, IL 87 Miles
Grafton, IL to St. Louis Arch, MO 46 Miles
St. Louis, MO 0 Miles
St, Louis, MO Arch Chester, IL 88 Miles
Chester, IL to Cario, IL 96 Miles
Cario, IL to Ridegly, TN 96 Miles
Ridegly, TN to Randolph, TN 85 Miles
Randolph, TN to Memphis, TN 53 Miles
Memphis, TN 0 Miles
Memphis, TN to Rena Lara, MS 103 Miles
Rena Lara, MS to Winterville, MS 75 Miles
Winterville, MS to Valewood, MS 51 Miles
Valewood to Vicksburg 83 Miles
Vicksburg 0 Miles
Vicksburg to Natchez 87 Miles
Natchez 0 Miles
Natchez to Searcy 57 Miles
Searcy to Natchitoches 62 Miles

Total : 1465 Miles