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Lynn’s Ripple

Or should I say SPLASH! Meet Cooper. He’s 2 years old and has been on dialysis since 8 months old. From Coopers’s Mom, Katie in Minnesota. Grab a Kleenex! In the past three years we have had our share of moments of grief, anger and sadness but are constantly reminded that there so many friends, […]

Lynn and her Kidney Donation

After 2 failed attempts over 2 years things finally went Lynn’s way and she was able to donate her spare kidney. As her donation process proceeded we did everything we could to make sure every recipient we were personally helping to find a donor had some solid possibilities. Lynn then selected a 2 year old […]

Pat O’Brien

Lynn and I met Pat O’Brien and his wife Nancy in Albuquerque, NM when they offered to host us the two days we were there. Pat also needs a kidney and we did some media together, 3 events to be exact, the first at the University of New Mexico Hospital, 2nd at Presbyterian Hospital (both […]

Terry Hutton

We met Terry at the USC Keck event. Terry is on dialysis and needs a kidney Terry is registered with the National Kidney Registry ( and has a microsite that explains his current situation. If you can help Terry by looking into donating or being an advocate to help him find a living donor that […]