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Friday, March 25th. Palm Springs.

Biked through Palm Springs today. Lynn saw the thermometer in the truck hit 100 degrees F today. Unusually warm temps for March even for eastern CA. JUST GREAT! The east wind brings the hot desert air west. Which in our case means a headwind. Did the old “drive ahead with the bikes and pedal […]

Day 1. San Diego to Mission Viejo.

Day 1. San Diego to Mission Viejo. We had an interesting evening with Chuck Cox, his buddy Jim Knox and his wife Marsha talking Alaska fishing (which was supper, Alaskan halibut Chuck caught and processed himself) motorcycles with Jim and the Pacific Northwest as they both came from the Seatle area (but never knew each […]


This is a kidney support group headed by Dr. Rastogi at UCLA. They do a very good job gathering people that have donated and received a kidney, some awhile ago, some very recent to help support, encourage and educate new donors and potential recipients. The love and respect they show each other is inspiring. I’ve […]