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Gathering the Team

Along with Lori Steele and Sy Suarez from the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, I met with LSU students instructed by Sadie Wilks in the Manship School of Mass Communication. 5-7 of these students will be helping out with TOT 4.5. Looking forward to their fresh ideas and passion as we create awareness for organ donation […]

Texas Podcast

I’ve started to make connections for TOT 4.5, the upcoming ride that starts March 9th in Lubbock, TX. I came across the opportunity to do a podcast to start getting the word out locally. Texas Podcast with Lisa Alastuey from Houston. Lisa does inspirational and informative podcasts and has them on her youtube channel.

Home Town Coverage

Home Town Coverage. Lynn and I met and graduated High School in Abbotsford, WI, a small town in central WI. At the time of our graduation, the population of Abby was around 1,000. There were around 50 kids in our graduating class. The local paper, The Tribune Photogragh ran a story on The Organ Trail. […]