Day 9. Rockford to Fulton, IL.

Started with a church service at Holy Family Catholic Church in Rockford followed by a presentation from Linda and Tim Mullen, and us. The Observer newspaper had a very informative article on our visit.

Jeff and I then took off for Fulton, 82 miles away.

30 miles in while taking a lunch break in the the middle of nowhere Seward, IL, one of the Illinois State Police made a U-Turn and out popped Tim, saying, “Hi, I saw you guys on TV this morning. Is everything ok?”

It was. We gave him a jar of Chuck’s Legacy Honey, took a few pics, and he went one way, Lynn another, and Jeff and I still another.

Turned into a bit of a scorcher today.

Temps into the lower 90’s with pretty much a 14 mile headwind. We did some creative shuttling so the last 26 miles reversed that headwind into a tailwind.

Illinois State Police visit

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