Day 13. Waterloo, IA to Stuartville, MN

Day 13. Nice gathering at SingleSpeed Brewing Co last night in Waterloo-Cedar Falls last night.

Met a few of Axel Hoogland’s co-workers and friends among with Faye Schwamman Hansen, the mom of Ali Hansen who donated her kidney non-directed through the National Kidney Registry that became the best fit for Cooper of I’m awesome, it’s my kidneys that suck – Coopers journey through CKD

When Lynn donated using the NKR Voucher Program it was Ali’s kidney that fit the bill for Cooper.

We’ll be in Stewartville, Minnesota this evening after another 95ish mile day.

A great evening and breakfast with Axel and Lindsey.

Axel rode out with us.

Love the soggy Iowa Gravel after overnight rains!😆

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