Day 5. Kenosha Fresenius Dialysis Center

We met with the staff and shared what we learned about living kidney donations using our stories as examples of what can happen when people needing a kidney get their story out. The staff was very excited to have some answers to give their clients when the discussions with them come up about living donations.

We stressed the National Kidney Registry ( Voucher Program and the National Kidney Donation Organization ( mentor program.

The Staff was very receptive and eager to learn more. We discussed coming back to their location to do more under a more structured plan.

Lynn and I were very excited how this went and we see it as a huge potential to find more living kidneys for more needy people. We believe that when people looking for a kidney are willing to tell their story there are people out there that will respond.

The Staff with us.
Jill getting a dialysis treatment

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