Day 3. Madison to Milwaukee

80 miles

Day 3 was one of those biking days that only come around once in awhile. 15 mph tailwind with gusts well over that. Not exactly a bright sunshine day but all the better to keep a bit cooler and no rain, but the effects of the recent storms. 80 miles.
Jeff and I had company today.
One of our classmates (Lynn and I were in the same class) that graduated with us 50 years ago joined in. Tom doesn’t ride all that much but hung right in there all day.
Dan Lang joined in for 24 miles. Here’s the brother of SIL Jodi Lang, who was the subconscious influence of me donating for Hugh Smith.
Dan’s wife had an untimely death years ago and as a deceased donor helped save or improved many lives after her passing.
Only 60% of our population are registered as deceased donors. That seems quite low. Please consider this if you aren’t one. You can’t take your organs with you, leave them for someone else.
Finally, friend Michael A Crowley joined in as well. Mike is the CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin. This makes the 3rd time Mike and I teamed up for a kidney related bike ride.
No events today but we’ll be at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin all 11 tomorrow for an exciting event.

L to R. Me, Tom, Jeff, Mike