Day 2. Portage to Restoring Hope Transplant House. Middleton/Madison.

We had a great event yesterday at Restoring Hope Transplant House hosted by Jessie at UW Health and Cindy and son Eric Restoring Hope.
Things get rather hectic when we roll into town and sometimes, well, most times, I don’t always say the things that need to be said.
Lynn and I want to encourage anyone that thinks saving a life would be amazing to consider getting evaluated to see if they are healthy enough to do so. Then a decision to move forward can be the next step.
Contact UWHealth or go to the National Kidney Registry website ( to find out more.
The Organ Trail is all about creating awareness of the urgent and dire need for organ transplants, deceased and living, and to demonstrate that living donors can lead a completely normal life after donation, even if that means riding a bicycle crisscrossing our great Nation.
We very seldom bring up financial donations but when we do it’s in support of amazing people like Cindy and Eric at RHTH in Middleton,WI.
They provide super affordable housing for patients and families of people getting care at UWHealth. Right now they charge $45 a night for everything they provide.
If you have the means and the desire to donate financially, Lynn and I ask that you consider donating to
Thank you for considering this.

Eric in a few shots with us yesterday. Cindy appears to be a bit camera shy. 😊although she does appear in one photo.

3 living donors (Tim Mullen)
Linda Mullen will be joining us the end of July