Tim Mullen

Tim has been a friend for a bit over 30 years. Our wives worked together and became friends so eventually Tim and I got to know each other and really hit it off.

We’ve done a ton of things together from Milwaukee Brewers baseball, xc-skiing, canoeing together with our kids, hiking, mtn. biking, vacationing together, and the list could go on and on.

From 1999, soloing an exciting stretch of the upper Peshtigo (yes, same river that flows through the town) in Wisconsin with our youngest and Tim’s 2.

L to R: David Scotch, Ryan and Beth Mullen

Tim has also participated in every one of The Organ Trial rides.

BUT the biggest thing we’ve both done???? donate our kidneys!

Welcome to the Team, Tim.

TOT 1.0 Madison, Wisconsin to Natchitoches, Louisiana, Spring 2021.

L to R: Me, friend Greg, and Tim. St. Louis, of course.

TOT 2.0 Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to Plover, Wisconsin, Fall 2021.

Tim, 2nd from right. Milwaukee, WI

Photo credit, Mike Crowley on the left.

TOT 4.0 San Diego, California to Lubbock, Texas, Spring 2022.

TOT 5.0 Lubbock, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Spring, 2022

Hours after Tim’s surgery he posted this on Facebook:

500,000 Americans are on dialysis. Dialysis has been in use for 65 years and is equivalent to 5%-10% of a healthy kidney. Only 45% of dialysis patients survive for 5 years and 13 die each day. 100,000 are healthy enough to undergo a kidney transplant and return to a normal lifestyle. Unfortunately only 25,000 kidneys are donated each year and most come from deceased donors. The waiting list for a kidney is about 5-6 years so most will no longer be healthy enough (or alive) when a kidney becomes available. There are efforts underway to develop an artificial kidney or finding a way to use animal kidneys in humans. However no clinical trials have started and the likelihood of a successful alternative could still be 10-20 years from now.

What can you do:

1. Sign your organ donation on your drivers license or state ID. Currently only 60% of eligible people are registered!

2. Take care of yourself! Maintain a healthy diet, exercise and make regular checkups. 37 million Americans suffer from kidney dhosease and the numbers are growing!

3. If you know someone in dialysis encourage them to get approved and registered with NKR. Using a national database across 105 hospitals, NKR has a wider pool of kidneys and uses state of the art markers leading to quicker recovery, fewer medications and longer kidney life for the recipient.

4. Write your legislators to request better utilization of deceased organs. Nearly 20% go unused due to mishandling, poor transport and/or an unwillingness by hospitals to use certain organs.

5. If you are blessed with good health and if you know someone in need of a kidney, get tested to see if your qualify. With NKR’s voucher program you don’t need to be a match! We only need 1 kidney to live a long, healthy, active lifestyle. Your remaining kidney will also adjust and grow 50% larger on its own. Living donor kidneys typically last much longer for recipients. Our bodies are incredible!!

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