Selena Liver Donation Update

We arrived in Phoenix and met with my liver recipient Selena and her family. We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon grill-out with her parents David and Liliana, her sister Amiyah, and aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmother.

Her scar is barely noticeable.

Lynn’s brother, my niece and her 10 month old daughter Kora, and a few friends we know in the Phoenix area joined us, as well. Kora was born the day before my liver donation surgery to Selena, May 25th, 2023.

Selena is doing great! Her 6 month checkup was fantastic and she’ll be heading to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles around June for her 1 yr checkup. They don’t expect any issues.

They have been reducing her immunosuppressant drugs and she’s growing like a weed! Her mom says she eats everything, especially meat!(protein), so maybe that’s her little body growing the sliver of the liver she received from me.

We watched her eat a complete bratwurst and she fed herself and me chips the whole time I held her.

Liliana told us that at 9 months when we saw her at the time of our surgeries last May, she basically hadn’t grown past her birth weight. Now she’s almost in her weight and height class for her age.

A past post explains how I became a living liver donor.

L. Selena and Kora

A week after our gathering Liliana sent me this.😊

Video link.

Easter weekend. What a cutie!

With big sister.

April 2024. The Pringles Bandit.

May 2024. Sassy!

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