Update on friend Pat O’Brien

Lynn and I met Pat and Nancy on TOT 4.0 in Albuquerque and they joined us for a few days on TOT 4.5 in Dallas.

They are from Albuquerque and Pat has been on dialysis and looking for a living donor for a couple of years.

We got an update!

Hi Mark. Had my transplant last Wed (Sep 27). Went home on Mon. My new kidney is working great, I’m feeling really good. Drs are happy with my progress. We’re just keeping to ourselves a bit until my immune system comes back. My donor is doing well. She’s amazing to have gone through all that to help me out. I’m very grateful. Thanks for reaching out. Say hi to Lynn for us.

Nancy and Pat at their home in Albuquerque.
In Dallas in March
In Albuquerque 2022 morning TV
Our event in Albuquerque
At STA, Dallas with Pat and Damian.

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