Day 4. Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour

80 miles today. Our Event was at Sam Houston State University.

I rode for fellow Wisconsinite Mark Stacie.

I was introduced to Mark by recent kidney recipient Mike Graf. Mike and Mark went to school together. Mike knew I was doing this ride so he encouraged Mark to apply as an honoree.

Mark Stacie – Searching for a Kidney Donor

“I had my first kidney/pancreas transplant in March 2008. Unfortunately, in summer of 2022 my kidney failed. I’ve been on dialysis three times per week for over two years. I appreciate the gift that dialysis is extending my life, but I miss so much time with my daughter and two granddaughters.

I recently had the call for a living donor and went all the way to the pre operation meeting. I had a surgeon, time of surgery, and all test cleared by both of us. On the Friday before the surgery, I got the call “My transplant was canceled. The donor is no longer available”. Sad news but I have to believe in God’s plan. I’m hoping and praying, this is part of his plan.”

Sam Houston State University

Some fun along the way this morning.

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