Day 3. Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour.

We put in 107 miles from Taylor to Navasota, Texas. 3k feet total climbing.

Chance completed his first 100 mile ride.

As you may remember, I rode with Chance last spring and his daughter was born 13 years ago with biliary atresia and got a liver transplant. She won her first swim competition today!

Chance and I were roommates last night and again tonight.

There wasn’t an official event today but 2 eventful things happened.

1. The LSCOL bike tour had 2 organ recipients ride over 100 miles miles on the same day.

Mel Hartman (kidney recipient) and Sarah Pipkin-Love ( heart recipient)
Sarah getting a helping hand up one of the hills.
Mel also getting a hand up a hill.

Both gals could have easily finished with no help, but as we wanted to finish before dark, a little extra speed on the hills helped guarantee a daylight finish.

2. We also had 3 living donors finish the ride.

Me (kidney 3 yrs. ago and liver a little over 4 months ago), Jennifer Alpard, kidney 2 years ago, and Todd Monsen (kidney almost 5 months ago)

Todd, Jennifer, and I, along with many other living donors, demonstrate all the time that a person can donate an organ, quite literally saving someone’s life, and then continue on living a normal life, whatever that may be.

2 thoughts on “Day 3. Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour.

  1. Kim Brooks says:

    Love this! Had I not been heading home today, at the exact time you guys were riding down FM 247 in Huntsville, I would not have been aware of your organization. God bless all of you.

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