Day 2. Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour.

48 miles to Baylor, Scott,and White Round Rock, Texas.

I rode in honor of a living kidney donor who donated to his mother.

James Williams, VI – Organ Donor

“I want to honor my son, James Williams, VI, who has always been kind, caring and compassionate, and thanks to him I am living life to the fullest every day. 

I found out that I was in need of a kidney transplant in December of 2021 due to 44 years of chronic kidney stones and high blood pressure.  I started the process to be evaluated so that I could be placed on the kidney transplant list.  Due to decreased kidney function, I had to start peritoneal dialysis in July of 2022.  I was experiencing issues, but since I was not critically ill, I was told that the wait for a kidney was expected to be 5 to 7 years. 

My husband and middle son volunteered to be tested to donate first, but were not eligible to donate, so my oldest son, James, who was 27 at the time, registered to be a donor and started the process to be evaluated.  Baylor Scott &White in Temple performed extensive testing and in October he got the news that he was a match.  The surgery was scheduled on January 18, 2023. 

Our surgeries were successful and he spent two nights in the hospital.  After recovering for several weeks, he returned to work and his normal activities.  Eight months later we both feel great and we are both back to doing everything we did before transplant.  Had it not been for his selfless act, I would still be on dialysis and waiting for a kidney. 

He is my hero and I will be forever grateful that he gave me the gift of life!

The One Kidney Club of Austin, led by Shari Manthei, was there to meet me! Thanks so much, guys!

From Shari: Annette Vlasak Garcia, Tom Duncan, my husband Mark, my best friend Grace and I were among the folks that welcomed in the Lone Star Circle Of Life 2023 Bike Tour this afternoon. They rode into BSW in Round Rock about 3:30pm. The Lone Star Circle Of Life also had a short informative and moving program. After the program we meet up with Mark Scotch, who is a rider on this tour, for some fun social time together. Great time with great people! 💚💚💚

One Kidney Club, Tom Duncan and Shari
More One Kidney Club, Austin
Mel Hartman (R) and her honoree Kimber Marshall. Mel rode with grandson Jason and me in TOT 4.5.
I’m still on NA beer from my liver donation but an impressive beer menu.

Our lunch stop.

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