Hearts For Russ

Lynn and I were both honored and humbled to have been selected to receive The Family Donor Award on the 10 year Anniversary of Hearts For Russ last night at Bethpage Golf Course on Long Island, New York yesterday.

Russ was obviously a very special person to have inspired his family and so many friends in creating Hearts For Russ.

We were able to share our donation experiences involving Hugh, Cooper, and Selena.

We shared the message that it doesn’t take anything special other than good health and the desire to help someone to possibly save someone else’s life.

Through the story of The Organ Trail we also tried to demonstrate that people can go back to their normal lives after donating.

Special thanks to Jen Bensen for making this happen.

We want to thank our niece Shanice and Leesa and George Thompson for attending and joining us in this great event, making it that much more special.

In the 10 years of the event Hearts for Russ has raised over $300,000.

This year they raised $57,000 to distribute to organizations involved in the transplant community to further create awareness of the urgent and dire need for organ donation.

If you aren’t already signed up on your drivers license as a deceased donor, please consider doing this.

If you are curious about being a living donor, I encourage you to go here or contact Lynn or me anytime with full confidentiality.

Remember, you will not only change the life of the person in need, but their whole circle of friends and family.

L to R. Our niece Shanice, me, organ recipient Jen Benson, Lynn
L to R. Organ recipient Leesa Thompson, organ recipient Jen Benson, me, Lynn, Dr. Marcus Pereira, Physicians Award recipient

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