Bike ride to Madison, WI Capital to present Living Donor Protection Act Bill

Fun day bike riding yesterday even if part of it was in the rain.
Joined Michael Crowley with the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin and his support staff as we presented the Wisconsin Living Donors Protection Act to Wisconsin State Senator Patrick Testin for review.
This bill would require non-discriminatory actions by life and health care insurance companies for living organ donors. Fact is, living donors have to be in almost perfect health before donation is allowed and most living donors live longer and healthier lives than the general public.
Secondly, removing disincentives to living kidney and liver donors will help people become healthier and more productive post-donation.
Getting people off of dialysis saves Medicare money and therefore all of us taxpayers benefit immensely.
We also stopped at the Pleasant T. Rowland Transplant Center at UW Health in Madison, WI.
Mike thanked the staff for their partnership in the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin initiatives including the Cool Beans Adventure 2023.
Of course I (and Lynn) have a special connection to the staff and facility! 😊
Hostel Shoppe National Kidney Registry National Kidney Donation Organization

National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin website.

Wisconsin State Senator Patrick Testin website.

UWHealth Transplant website.

Section of the Bill:

Glacial Drumlin Trail
Myself and Mike Crowley from the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin
In the pouring rain!
Side doors of the Capital
Inside the Capital
Sen. Testin office where we discussed with the Donor Protection Bill
Mike, Sen. Testin, myself

On to the UWHealth Transplant Clinic

Arrived! UWHealth.
Transplant Staff at the Wall of Living Donors
Living Donors can pull up their names.

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