It’s a wrap!
The last i’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Discharged last Monday, Memorial Day.
We will have to come back for one more post-op check-up tomorrow morning (Friday) then we maybe able to fly home. There is the possibility that my surgeon may want a 2nd post-op visit, though.

Ashley was my day nurse today. Oldest of 4 that set a high bar of achievement for her sibs.
My stay went exceedingly well, the Keck Medicine of USC staff was great.

My cousin JB from Sconnie and his wife Sharon took some time out of their vacation to say hi. JB was a grade ahead of me in high school and we always talked about following in the footsteps of the Easy Rider duo and “go biking out west”.
We got parts of it somewhat close. The bike, for me anyway, included a bicycle, and although we didn’t ride together, we both ended up in California together.
Ok, it’s not even remotely close!😆
Thanks anyway, JB and Sharon, for helping to spread the word about living organ donation.

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