TOT 4.5. Arrived home.

Hi from sunny Sconnie!
As unbelievably wonderful and inspiring The Organ Trail rides have become, it’s always great to be home drinking from my own coffee cup once again.
Lynn and I can’t begin to name the dozens and dozens of individuals and organizations who have helped us, transplant hospitals, dialysis clinics, etc. that partnered with us and the 100’s of people we’ve met the past 2 years, beginning with our first “1 kidney bike ride”.
We have “completed the routes of the kidneys” based on the National Kidney Registry Voucher Program that Hugh Smith and I participated in.
Just to summarize for any newbies; A guy from Wisconsin meets a guy from Louisiana who he donates a kidney FOR. The Wisconsin kidney goes to New York, and the Louisiana kidney comes from Southern California.
It’s been 6,400 miles of smiles for sure to see so many come together for such a serious and urgent topic.
We’ve seen such pain and hopelessness as well, intermingled with truly inspirational determination and selflessness.
Stay tuned, it’s not over yet.
We have some major announcements coming up.

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