Day 34. The End or is it the Beginning?

For anyone reading this last entry of THE ORGAN TRAIL 4.5 ( TOT 4.5), thank you for following along.

There isn’t any final words of wisdom that haven’t already been spoken or expressed.

There are people everywhere in this world that need help. At some point in time, there is a good chance that you and I will be in this group. How serious will that need be? Will we get that help?

What started this whole thing was that one person understood that another person needed help and decided to look into if he could do something about that specific need.

It’s really that simple.

Are you one of these people, like Lynn and me and many others, who wanted to find out if they could safely donate a kidney to help someone else?

If so, click this QR code to get started.

If have any questions contact me. Like with Hugh back in that bar in Natchitoches, I’ll never be too busy to help you, too.

The last 25 miles Tim and enjoyed a ride into town and around campus.

Mike VII was out this morning
Rolling down the capital steps
Waiting for the train. We finally jumped the tracks.
Waterfront riding. The Mighty Mississippi

The LSU Party.

It was a good day in Baton Rouge! Mayor Broome was there to read and present a proclamation to the Organ Trail.

Mayor Broome

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency ( was there with Lori Steele the driving force behind the festivities. Lori worked with a group of students instructed by Sadie Wilks with the LSU Manship School of Communication that put together the program.

Lori speaking
LSU students and Mayor Broome

A number of organ recipients and deceased donor family members spoke. It’s amazing the strength these family members display as they speak about their loved ones that provided life to those who received their organs.

Signing a banner for us

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