Day 32. Baton Rouge

We attended Easter Services in Baton Rouge with friends Tim and Linda, and Michael, our documentarian.

I cruised around town some today. With it being Easter Sunday the state capital grounds were pretty much vacant.

Due to the safety factor I decided to get my miles riding routes the past few days other than the ones originally intended. I’m taking advantage of bike routes that have designated bike lanes, roads with shoulders, and bike paths,

The Tammany bike path was one yesterday between Slidell and Covington, the levee bike/walking path here in Baton Rouge is another.

I figure I’m this close, why push my luck? Overall, the past 1,500 miles have been very uneventful. Adding on the miles from New Orleans to Covington then Baton Rouge pushed the mileage total to 1,543 for TOT 4.5.

This gives me 6,400 miles for all of the “official” Organ Trail rides. Including ALL my bike riding since I donated I’m probably somewhere between double and triple that so 13-18,000 miles over the past 3 years. Just a guess, though, as I don’t keep track of miles. Mtn biking is not a miles thing, anyway, it’s more hours.

When mtn biking a 2-3 hour ride averaging 6 mph can be much more strenuous that riding 50 miles on pavement for 3-4 hrs.

State Capital building. The building stands 450 feet tall (34 floors,) making it the tallest capitol in the United States.

Every state is listed on a step with its entry year into the Union. The Rockhopper is right above Wisconsin, 1848.

That’s a reflection. The water front on the Mississippi was very nice. Here is an interesting Rotary International sculpture. A number of Rotary Clubs in Texas helped out The Organ Trail, exemplifying their ethos of Service.

There is a miles long levee trail heading south out of town.

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