Day 30. New Orleans in our rear view mirror.

Friend Tim Mullen and his wife Linda met up with us yesterday. Tim rode the 8 miles from the Maritimes Partners tug to Ochsner Transplant.

We geared up this morning for a ride around one side of Lake Pontchrachain. We rode parts of the levee dike.

Credit: Michael Ortiz

Then crossed the 5 mile Maestri Bridge.

We had just crossed the bridge and we stopped in for a bite and refreshments.
As I was leaning my bike up against the wall 2 guys walked out. As one was getting into his truck he noticed the back of my jersey and said “hey, I saw you on TV this morning.”
Tim and I talked to them for a bit, I gave them both a couple #theorgantrail business cards and was teasing the young guy, Mike, to “sign up.”
As we said our goodbyes I offered to “buy them one” but them I said I needed to take that back, as the last time I said that, it cost me a kidney!

Mike, who saw the TV piece

We then had 14 miles of nice riding on the Tammany Trace Bike Path.

Credit: Michael Ortiz

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