Day 27. Working with lemons.

Forecast of 20-25 mph head/crosswinds with Thunderstorms got into my head so the nights sleep wasn’t that restful.

We got up early to try to beat the wind and rain and had 18 miles in before the long southeastern turn into headwinds would prevent us getting to our next stop before the Versiti webinar, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, started, of which we were panelists

Cypress and Spanish Moss

So we made some lemonade today by tossing the Rockhopper on the 1Up rack and Lynn drove us to our next hotel in Morgan City.

I took off back the way we came (cycle route) and knocked off 40 miles before we had to once again toss the bike on and head for the barn/hotel in time to get setup for the webinar. We get the miles in, one way or the other.

Credit: Michael Ortiz
Credit: Michael Ortiz

As it turned out, the winds seemed to max out at 18-19mph and no rain bothered us.

A fun, if not a bit technical, day out on the trail.

Back on a levee road

We were facing the wind, todays end point.

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