Day 24. Galveston to Beaumont.

Quite a mixture of riding and scenery today. Leaving Galveston into some rain and 12mph quartering headwinds we followed the seawall until we boarded the free, 20 minute ferry to take us off of Galveston Island to Bolivar Peninsula.

Surfers in Galveston
Seawall jetty Galveston

Waiting for the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry

There were a lot of vehicles and even though they can load 50-55 of them on a ferry, Lynn and Michael were left to take the next boat. It’s an hr. round trip (plus loading and unloading) and I didn’t want to loose that time so I boarded with the bike.

Loaded on the ferry
Heading out

As it worked out, there was a 2nd ferry so they weren’t all that far behind me anyway.

Another 20-25 miles of Gulf side riding then we turned north. The winds had decreased to 7mph but they were almost head on. They did taper the last couple of hours to 4mph.

Once we turned from the Gulf the gator ditch appeared. I notice many small 3-4’ gators. Some a bit bigger, but they could tell the sounds of the bike and submerged as soon as I got close.

Gator Ditch

High Island Bridge

High Island Bridge

It wasn’t my fastest day of riding but with the wind, the temps hitting 90 and the distance, 78 miles, I was happy just to make it. Michael asked once late in the day how I felt, I responded that I felt a little beat, but still better than being on dialysis.

Lunch table

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