Day 7. Media Day, visit to Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA)

Heading over for our media day to STA. 17 miles, had plenty of time, until I didn’t.

Turned off a heavily congested road in Dallas and slowed to re-route google maps and I felt the spit of Stan’s on my ankle. Looked down to see Stan’s spraying out of the front tire like a bleeder on TV.

I quickly found the spot where it was leaking and picked out what appeared to be a small sharp rock. I them quickly rotated the tire so the leak was straight down, allowing the Stan’s to do its now emergency job of plugging the hole.

It worked! Was able to hop back on and get the STA in plenty of time.

STA is an Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) in Texas. There are 3 of them and we’ll be criss-cross back and forth into each of their territories as we continue.

STA covers Dallas.

Kelli did a fantastic job putting this together with the input and help from Matt Olivolo from Bayor, Scott, and White.

We met a number of folks that donated a kidney, received a kidney or family members that did both.

Matt and Kelli with Lynn and I.
Pat O’Brien from Albuquerque who’s looking for a kidney and Damian Jackson, Medical Examiner at STA.
Dawn, who’s daughter was a deceased donor and Ian, who’s looking for a kidney donor.

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