Day 6. Dallas Medical City Children’s Hospital

A last-minute entry.

This stop wasn’t on the radar but after I pressed the Public Relations contact at Medical City he suggested meeting here. A perfect visit in honor of Cooper, who is progressing back home in the Midwest.

Cooper’s surgery day shirt

We stayed 2 nights in Dallas at a friend’s home, Vinod and his wife Maria. I’ve known Vinod for 18 years. Most every spring he comes to northern Wisconsin to join in a canoeing weekend.

The Chef!! Steaks one night and ribs the next. Nobody went home hungry.

Texas sausages. Yummy.

Vinond and Maria gracisoulsy opened their home to us and the Texas Tech documentary crew.

Michael (Director), Gemma (social media), Maria (holding Simon), Vinod, Logan (videographer), Sara (videographer), Lynn

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