Day 5. Fort Worth, Texas.

Day 5 on The Organ Trail was quite busy and more posts we be coming later on it.
First off, Lynn and I got up at 4am to get our grandson Jason on the plane back to Wisconsin and school. He’s spent his spring break with us since the 3rd traveling from Dallas to Lubbock and back to Dallas again as part of TOT 4.5. ( It was a special bonus having him ride with me and spending time with Lynn sopporting the ride and exploring West Texas.

Then buddy Pat OBrien and his unbelievably supportive wife Nancy showed up before sunrise as Pat joined me and a new friend Wes Dunbar on the 30 mile bike ride to visit Medical City Fort Worth and Baylor Scott & White Health in Fort Worth. More on this coming over the next couple of days.

Myself , Wes, and Pat
At Starbucks with Nancy and Pat between meeting with Medical City and Baylor, Scoot & White

We met with Mike Sanborn President of Baylor, Scott & White, Ft. Worth, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jay Herd, Dr. Richare Ruiz, Abdominal Surgeon, and PR Manager, Matt Olivolo….All avid bicycle enthusiasts.

L to R. Baylor, Scott & White All Saints Medical Center Ft. Worth Hospital President Mike Sanborn and Abdominal Surgeon Dr. Richard Ruiz. TTU Crew in the background strategizing their next move

Pat and Nancy drove over from Albuquerque. They hosted Lynn and me last year on TOT 4.0 from San Diego to Lubbock. Pat is on dialysis and looking for a kidney.

Relaxing at the Starbucks half way between the Medical City and BS&W. They are only .5 mile apart

We all (Lynn, me, the TTU documentary team of Michael, Sara, and Logan, Gemma was in Austin) descended on long time Wisconsin canoeing friend Vinod and his gracious wife Maria for a huge steak dinner and libations. Pat and Nancy stopped in after driving over from their RV, where Pat has been doing dialysis every other day. They took advantage of the couple extra steaks and the next we all gathered for ribs at Maria’s and Vinod’s.

Sausages, Texas style
TV night

The Crew!

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