Day 21. Houston. Reaching the Gulf.

A very full day today. First off was the program put on by Baylor St. Luke’s in Houston. They have a rich history in transplantation with a number of firsts.

A friend form Minnesota was in attendance that helped give the event a personal touch to it. It was this couple, Dave and Mary (pictured below) that led Lynn to Cooper.

Mary and Chue

Mary’s good friends that live in Houston

Mary, Chue, Alaina, Ryan, Danielle

There was a program with speakers that hit a number of aspects of transplantation. I hope to be able to post these talks.

From there we headed off toward the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf was tossing in some big waves and the normally 100 feet of beach was covered in water. High tide and a storm surge as explained to us by Al, a local.

Credit: Michael Ortiz
Credit: Michael Ortiz

Tomorrow is 40 miles along the beach to Galvestion. Looking forward to it…..there is a forecasted crosswind slightly behind me.

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