Day 2. Camp Springs, TX

Meeting with Mayor Stephanie of Snyder, TX and receiving a proclamation for our kidney health awareness efforts, Jason overlooking a small draw, a roadside memorial of someone’s loved one.
While on the property of hosts Phillip and Gerryanne 20 miles from Snyder Lynn looked down not 10 minutes into our walk and found the remains of a broken arrowhead.
When we got back to the house, Gerryanne showed us a different one a friend of theirs had found.
Months before our start the ride I reached out to the Lubbock Toasters Toastmasters Club. From that zoom presentation of The Organ Trail, I met Katie who connected me with the Metropolitan Lubbock Rotary, where I met Kathy and Walter from Wisconsin who then connected me to Phillip was a Rotary member for 38 years.
In my presentation I asked if anyone would be interested and willingly to host Lynn and me for an evening and eventually it filtered down to
Phillip who volunteered to do so.
After we solidified our plans with Texas Tech University about the documentary of TOT 4.5 I asked Philip if Michael could pitch a tent in their yard. Phillip said they had a bed for Michael.
Then when Lynn and I thought to have our grandson join us for his spring break, I asked if Jason could sleep on the floor in our room in a sleeping bag, again Phillip said there would be a bed for Jason.
THEN when learned that the TTU documentary team of Sara, Gemma, and Logan would be joining in earlier than I thought I again asked Phillip if they could pitch tents. AGAIN, he said they had bunks and a bed available.
Obviously, we can’t say enough about Philip and Gerryanne nor thank them enough.
Oh, did I mention that they offered to make dinner for Lynn and I? Let’s just say, there was plenty for the whole crew.
I hear someone upstairs making breakfast and I smell coffee. Bye for now.
National Kidney Registry, National Kidney Donation Organization

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