Day 18. Schulenberg to Katy…the long way around.

The skies looked a bit threatening this morning when I took off around 9AM. Continuation of yesterday with the flowers, but under darker skies.

Very nice back country roads with some gravel tossed in. Cardinals were out in full force this morning, chirping thier call and skittering off in front of me, flying from tree to tree teasing and taunting me like we were playing tag or something.

Started to rain, a bit harder, a bit more harder, a bit more and more harder and then I was beating cheeks the last 3-4 miles to get to the town of Sheridan where the gas station/restaurant/grocery and hardware store/and some clothes tossed in for good measure provided shelter from the storm, as Dylan would say.

Lynn, who had a fun experience back in Schulenburg trying to get some clothes washed, pulled in a few minutes behind me. I had covered 30 miles by then.

I quickly exchanged my soaked jersey for a dry T-shirt (and the sweet sweatshirt TOSA gave us as a gift) then Lynn watched as I finished off some chicken wings. The rain was continuing to fall, so we decided to take off for Sealy, almost 50 miles up the road. We thought if the rain stopped by then I’d ride from Sealy (home of Sealy mattresses) to Katy, on the outskirts of Houston, another 26 miles.

The rain continued on and off as we drove and by the time we arrived into Sealy, my brain was saying “let’s bag it” so we did. I was 79 miles up, miles in the bank, by now comparing actual miles ridden vs. the scheduled miles, so we took 1/2 of a rain day today.

Houston tomorrow and Tuesday….stay tuned.

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