Day 16. Leaving San Antonio

We pulled out of Lynn’s cousin’s place on the northwest corner of San Antonio heading for Kingsbury but ended up a bit short as Seguin, TX is where Lynn found us a hotel. I had close to 6 miles of really nice riding just after leaving the house through a number of parks even though it rained a fair amount.

Then we hit some really crappy traffic riding for 14 miles or so before I made a hard right turn through some standing water (had been doing it all day) but this puddle had some very slick mud lurking below the surface. I went down so fast my hand never left the handlebar to even try to break the fall. Maybe that was a good thing, don’t need a broken wrist.

My head smacked the pavement quite hard but the helmet shows no sign of impact. Will need to replace it anyway.

I got up a bit slow, my bell was kind of rung and I wanted to take a little inventory of any pain. There really wasn’t any. When I picked up the bike, the iPhone screen wanted to know if I wanted to report a crash. Funny stuff.

I took off and down the road a bit Michael (from TTech) and I were even at a light. He rolled down his window…and told me he captured the wipe-out with the drone. I’ll need to take a look at it.

56 miles today, just glad I was able to finish. I seemed to have fallen pretty hard on my left side probably on my arm as my ribs are pretty sore. Just bruised I’m guessing as I didn’t get the wind knocked out of me, that I can remember, anyway.

Got a haircut tonight…

Guadalupe River
Guadalupe River

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