Day 15. San Antonio

Methodist Speciality and Transplant Hospital welcomed The Organ Trail with at least 35-40 staff lining both sides of these driveway entrance cheering us into their hospital grounds. It was another time when it made me think “who’s left inside the transplant department?” Kimberly did a great job lining this gathering up.


I met 5 high school students that are working in the transplant department to gain life experience in the field.

We talked at length with The Living Transplant Coordinator and she was infectious in her passion sharing how she so loves working in transplant and how Methodist is a leader in the nation in transplants. Very passionate and dedicated people.

Before the event, Lynn and I, along with EJ Tamez, from Del Rio and NKR Micro-site Manager, a living donor himself, to his brother, met Ashley Lambright’s mother, Brandy, and her 2 children, Madison and Tristen. It was a serendipitous meeting that allowed Brandy to update us on Ashley, who was doing well in her recovery. It was hard to believe that just 2 short weeks ago we met Ashley and her family and she was telling us about her long battle and search for a kidney and now here she is experiencing the end of that search.

Anyone reading this, if you haven’t already designated your organs for transplant as a deceased donor, please consider doing so. You could save the life of a daughter and a mother, like Ashley.

From Methodist, I pedaled the 1.3 miles to another Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) TOSA (Texas Organ Sharing Alliance) Pep Rally. I pulled in at the same time the fire truck did, and I thought it odd seeing them maneuver their huge vehicle into the parking lot. Little did I know there were there a part of the festivities, representing part of the service community with our arrival to TOSA. It wasn’t long, only a few minutes, before they got “the call” and had to leave, sirens on and lights flashing.


Clara and her team brought together local donors, (both families of deceased and living donors) and recipients of both as well and we all had time to share stories, ask questions, and talk about many aspects of donation. There was a woman there who had received a kidney from a 1/2 brother 45 years ago! Quite amazing.

Once again Lynn and I got to meet some very dedicated and passionate people here at TOSA. We feel honored to consider them friends and them us.

We stayed at Lynn’s cousin Gretchen’s house although she wasn’t home due to a prior commitment., but Gretchen’s husband Tim took great care of us. We enjoyed the “kids” Kate and Sam, their pooches.

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