Day 14. Fresenius Event.

Lynn and I were able to take our first tour through a dialysis center today in Schertz, TX. The very supportive, open and accommodating staff introduced us to 2 clients and explained the process and procedures. Fun Fact

A nephrologist, Dr. Shafiu, spoke and his story was very interesting as he is a kidney recipient himself. He talked to me about how when he was on dialysis and was so tired how hard it was for him the get his medical degree, but he persevered.

Last night a 2am Ashley, who we met at the event in Odessa 2 weeks ago received a deceased kidney and pancreas. I visited her for just a few minutes.

Ashley 2 weeks ago

I was able to ride around San Antonio some. We are staying with a cousin of Lynn.

The Alamo…I was eating an apple. Right after this selfie I was asked to leave the grounds as no bikes, even if walked, are allowed.
Took a quick picture of Davy Crockett on the way out…neither of us survived The Alamo!

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