Lynn’s Ripple Effect.

Or should I say SPLASH!

Meet Cooper. He’s 2 years old and has been on dialysis since 8 months old.

From Coopers’s Mom, Katie in Minnesota.

Grab a Kleenex!

In the past three years we have had our share of moments of grief, anger and sadness but are constantly reminded that there so many friends, family members and strangers supporting us along this difficult journey. Today is one of those truly amazing moments.

Today, a complete stranger (an angel on earth really and no longer a stranger, we just have never met 😉) walked into a hospital In Wisconsin and donated her kidney with the sole purpose of helping 2 strangers. Her kidney was then flown to Chicago and is already awake and working in its new owner!

In return, Lynn received a voucher that she was able to gift to a friend or family member in need and she has graciously gifted this voucher to Cooper! With this voucher, he will be activated on the National Kidney Registry list TODAY and is guaranteed a kidney. Let me say that again….she has never met us and she is giving Cooper the gift of life 💚. Talk about selfless!

Please join us in a few specific prayer requests

  1. For a speedy and pain free recovery for Lynn
  2. For whoever received Lynn’s kidney today. We pray that it is a beautiful match and that they have a long healthy life with their new organ
  3. That we are able to quickly find a match for Cooper!

You can also check out the wonderful work Lynn and her husband Mark are doing around organ donation awareness at their website below. I am also including a link for another sweet girl Bella, that is waiting on a kidney just like Cooper. Our goal is that through continued education around living donation, we can help her get a voucher as well 🫶🏻
Facebook: The Organ Trail

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