Lynn and her Kidney Donation

After 2 failed attempts over 2 years things finally went Lynn’s way and she was able to donate her spare kidney.

As her donation process proceeded we did everything we could to make sure every recipient we were personally helping to find a donor had some solid possibilities. Lynn then selected a 2 year old boy that has been on dialysis since he was 8 months old. As we learned more about him it just seemed meant to be.

Taken a week after surgery.

Cooper Thompson from Minnesota.

Cooper was brought to our attention by friends of ours, Dave and Mary Pramann, who are unbelievably amazing by adopting 3 siblings.

Lynn’s kidney went to the best matched recipient in the 103 NKR network transplant facilities and Cooper was given top priority on the same network of donors. We’re hoping for no more than a 3-4 month wait until Cooper is found the best match and he gets his kidney.

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