The Organ Trail in Canada

Lynn and I will be spending our last night on Newfoundland tonight. We’ve been here for 15 days.

We’ve covered a lot of ground.

In the bigger towns/Cities of St. John’s, Corner Brook, Stephenville, and Gander, etc. I’ve stopped in at the public libraries, hospitals, Kidney Foundation of Canada and dialysis centers handing out the KidneyStories Toastmasters flyer and an Organ Trail card.

Met with great enthusiasm and interest by all.

Stephenville flies Old Glory in memory of the Ernest Harmon US Air Force base that was here from 1941-1966.

I asked a local at the hospital why the flag and she replied “because so many have such fond memories” of when the base was here.

In front of the hospital.
Coming into town. That’s a mannequin.

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