Friday, March 25th. Palm Springs.

Biked through Palm Springs today.

TV interview. Should be posted soon.
East of Indio.
Someone I can keep up with!

Lynn saw the thermometer in the truck hit 100 degrees F today. Unusually warm temps for March even for eastern CA. JUST GREAT! The east wind brings the hot desert air west. Which in our case means a headwind. Did the old “drive ahead with the bikes and pedal the route backward” to ride with the wind for the last 30 or so miles today. Rode 80 miles total yesterday.

We’ve been logging a few miles more each day to cut down the miles needed to travel for today and tomorrow, so we stopped almost 40 miles past Indio, CA yesterday. Today will be all desert with similar temps. Hope the wind dies down some.

We have been able to stop as needed yesterday for water and cold drinks. Not so today. Matter of fact I think Lynn will only be able to access us twice today. At mile 20 and around 55. We’ll be paralleling Interstate 10 to Blythe. CA on an old road, not sure if it’ll be paved or not.

Al Ortiz and his wife Theresa of the Indio Knights of Columbus hosted us last night. We had a Friday night fish fry! Great dinner.

My updates have been few, I know. I have a number started but am waiting to post them until I receive some photos taken by people we’re staying with or meeting along the way. TOT 4.0 has taken more of my time every day due to a number of reasons and because we’re staying with “new” friends along the way, I’ve decided to enjoy their company in the evening vs doing updates.

I will post as I can but will fill in the gaps once the ride is over. Thanks for understanding.

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