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The Organ Trail started out as just a “thing” Lynn and I were going to do to create awareness about the need for living kidney donors. We never sat down and thought just how big TOT might get.

As we started out I asked for help in a number of ways, media (Mark Bruner), riders to join me on that first ride (Greg Haack, Bill Barthen, Dave Pramann) to name just a few. We started a private fundraiser for lodging on TOT 1.0 when Covid smashed our plans to stay with people along the route.

Our friends from High School, Debb Solomon and Joe Bauer stepped in with their Motor Coach and the additions to our “thing” just kept coming and coming and we grew and grew, which started to include more and more people and organizations.

I started a SUPPORTERS page in the beginning thinking there would only be a few people and organizations to thank….then there just got to be too many, so this page will be a simple THANK YOU page similar to the CREDITS page in a book.

I hope I don’t miss anyone below, but if I do, please let me know, you need to be “on the list”.

One disclaimer…..there have been literally dozens and dozens, maybe into the hundereds, of people that have helped TOT, from people at Transplant facilities like Kanna Taylor Rook at St. Louis University (SLU) Hospital to Chad Franzen at Channel 7 News in Wausau, WI. Where do we draw the line? Just know that if you helped in any way, Lynn and I appreciate your efforts.

Mark and Lynn

In no particular order and will be completed as I have time or as memory serves me!

TOT 4.0 Media Team: Mark Bruner, Bill Barthen, Gee Gee Jannene, Kayla Scotch, Christy Nelson and Jada, Leah Hoogland and her students at Rib Lake, WI High School, Todd Bequette, John Hacker, Salley Beyer, Jason Scotch

KidneyShare: All the amazing speakers but a special thanks to Chad Frazen for emceeing the Event, Marc, Katina and Dan at O’so Brewing, Jill Dillon, Mari Scotch and Jodi Lang, Scott Cole, James Bembeneck, Jesse Stroik, Dave Rosenthal,

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