Tuscobia 160

With the goal of demonstrating that “if one is healthy enough to donate a kidney they are healthy enough to live with one kidney” and return to their former lifestyle, I repeated this race/event I’ve competed in before
Although I completed the Tuscobia 160 mile distance, I did not “finish” it. I went into a restricted area at around 1 or 2 AM Sunday morning to take a break.
I broke the rules so my finish isn’t official, but it is on record.
I did complete my effort to “ride the distance” for my kidney awareness effort, but I did not complete the Tuscobia 160.
Drop out rate was 53% last I looked. Tough, cold year.
I’m happy to say that the 30 hrs it took for me to finish did not have any negative impact on my kidney function.
All plumbing worked as it should have!
A special thanks to Bob Hingtgen who took most of these pictures and kept me company for much of the ride.
After some R&R the Arrowhead 135 is up next on January 31st. Another Winter Ultra in Minnesota.

Patch added to my required reflective vest, created by my sister, Pamm.

Photo credit Sarah Hoogland

Photo credit: Bob Hingtgen, Iowa

Photo credit Bob Hingtgen

Bob Hingtgen and myself.

Photo credit: Mary Ehlers

Photo credit: Lynn Scotch

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