2021 into 2022

Hi Everyone,
2021 has been an amazing year, considering that it wasn’t in Lynn’s nor my plans to become so aware and involved in the Kidney Community.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support and help in trying to reach as many people as possible about the dire and urgent need for kidney donors, especially living donors. We CAN CHANGE the fact that 13 people die every day while waiting for a life-saving kidney.

Every LIKE and SHARE on Facebook increases the footprint and magnitude of the ripple effect.
Every conversation can be a teaching opportunity if the topic of donation arises.
Every email to a friend or sharing theorgantrail.org, NKDO.org, or NKR.org websites can impact saving someone’s life.

THE ORGAN TRAIL has a full slate for 2022! 1st off is the TUSCOBIA WINTER-ULTRA aka TOT 3.0, a 160-mile race from Rice Lake, WI to Butternut Lake, WI and back on January 1st, 2022. I’ll be doing this race on my fat bike.
Stay tuned for race updates over the next few days.

On January 31st, I’ll be doing the ARROWHEAD ULTRA (TOT 3.5), a 135-mile race from International Falls, MN (the Icebox of the United States) to Tower, MN.

I’ve done both of these races previously on two kidneys but want to demonstrate once again that one can truly return to their former lifestyle after donating a kidney to help someone in need.
The ARROWHEAD race I hope to be carrying a GPS tracker so anyone can “watch the dots” during the race to monitor progress.

In mid/late March, Lynn and I will be in San Diego, CA to start TOT 4.0. This ride will be very similar to TOT 1.0 (Wisconsin to Louisiana) and TOT 2.0 (Martha’s Vineyard to Plove, WI).
TOT 4.0 will be 1,350 miles from San Diego to Denver City, Texas.

Sometime next winter, TOT 4.5 will begin in Denver City, Texas and end in New Orleans, Louisiana. This ride is to commemorate the selfless act of someone donating their kidney so that my buddy Hugh Smith could receive his kidney; all made possible by the National Kidney Registry (NKR.org) voucher program.


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