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The Organ Trail ride from Martha’s Vineyard to Plover, Wisconsin will highlight as many people in the 1,600 mile journey as possible looking for a life saving or life altering living kidney donor. Our goal will be to include at least one new person a day in the media events we will have and to highlight them on The Organ Trail Facebook page and website.

Be looking for these stories starting September 19 from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

If you need a kidney contact me at

To get you started, I took a training ride to small town around 30 miles from Plover to meet with Alison Snortheim. I’ve been following Ali’s story for over a year. She thought her nightmare was over when her sister used the Paired Exchange program to donate her kidney so Ali could get one that matched with her.

While her sisters kidney went off to help someone else, the one Ali got didn’t do so well and it finally quit functioning after 6 months. One (of many) sad parts of this story was that it lasted long enough that Ali doesn’t automatically get a new kidney and she has to start all over in finding a new living kidney donor. In effect, her sisters donation and original intent, to give Ali a life changing kidney, failed.

You can read more about Ali here.

Ali also has a Go Fund Me Page.

Ali telling her story:

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