Finished! Cheq 100

Didn’t set any records but Righty (Lefty went to a person in need last September, Hugh Smith from Louisiana) but had quite a workout at the Cheq 100, a 100 mile mtn bike race through northern Wisconsin.

Riding up the day before the Cheq 100 on BOB, Bike On Bike.

One of the biggest challenges with this race, besides the distance and terrain is only 2 water stops on the course to refill water bottles. Tough to deal with this having 2 kidneys let alone 1, but I made it work.

This is from a different race I did, but same setup pretty much.

I definitely proved to myself that people that donate a kidney can definitely continue their previous lifestyle after donation.

I was very cognizant about keeping as hydrated as possible, though.

I’d like to thank Dave and Mary Pramann for inviting me to stay with them at their cabin along with greeting me at the end and serving me dinner post race.

Dave was one of the riders that rode the first 4 days and 400 miles with me at the start of THE ORGAN TRAIL ride to Louisiana. TOT 1.0

Dave on the right, Greg Haack on the left on TOT 1.0. Wisconsin to Louisiana.

In Iowa TOT 1.0. L to R. Lance Andre, Greg Haack, Dave Praman, Steve Wilson

Heading home on BOB after the Cheq 100. Photo credit Dave Pramann.

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