1 person can make a difference

A friend of mine sent this to THE ORGAN TRAIL FB page:

Brenda PiekarskiThe Organ Trail

Hey Mark! I just want to say I think what you are doing is SUPER inspiring. You absolutely live every day to the fullest and with all your heart – all while seizing the moment and creating opportunities that enrich and change lives. As you know my grandma passed away from kidney failure. She had been on dialysis for THIRTEEN years, and when she finally decided she had enough and removed herself from treatment, she passed away 3 days later. I can only imagine how having a new kidney would have changed her life or given her and I the opportunity to know each other better. I’m sure receiving a new kidney was something she never even dreamed possible for her. THANK YOU for what you are doing. The positive impact of your drive and choices will ripple throughout our hearts and communities for a very, very long time. Cheers! Brenda

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