2 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Bill Barthen says:

    I’m going to check with my employer to see if I am able to be a living donor. If so, I might open the opportunity for other donors as well.

  2. markscotch says:

    Bill! What a gift for someone that has no idea what’s coming their way!! Very proud of you. I showed Lynn and it brought a tear to her eye.
    In case you haven’t seen this, take a look from the NKR:
    We provide legal support, generally, most employers and insurance companies are supportive of living kidney donation. Some employers (e.g. the Federal Government, the National Kidney Registry, etc.) offer paid leave to employees that donate a kidney. However, we have seen situations where employers are not so supportive. In one situation, the NKR was instrumental in winning a wrongful termination case when a donor involved in an NKR living swap was fired for taking time off work to donate. We also understand that some donors, after they donate, lose their health insurance or see health insurance premium increases due to donating a kidney. These cases are very rare, but are wrong. If you donate your kidney as a part of an NKR swap and are wrongfully terminated, see a rise in insurance premiums, or lose your health insurance as a result of your donation, the NKR will stand behind you and our legal counsel will advocate on your behalf.”

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