Kaelyn Rice

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Friends, followers, and family, I am asking for help once again to help spread the word about me needing a Kidney Transplant and finding a living donor. Living donor kidneys tend to last longer and eliminate the long wait time of approximately 5-7 years of having to wait on the transplant list for a deceased donor kidney. Once again, I was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease which causes cysts to grow within kidneys decreasing their function. I received some devastating news today that the donor I thought was going to be a perfect match was turned down. There are many ways you can help me in finding a donor. One way would be sharing my story and getting the word out there. Share this post, especially with anyone you think may be willing or may know someone who would be willing to get tested to be a donor. Another way would be to get tested to be a donor if you would feel comfortable doing so. I know this is a very big ask and a very big decision for anyone so please do not feel bad if you cannot get tested to see if you could be a potential donor; I completely understand if you cannot. My kidney transplant team is with U of M Medicine and my blood type is A- which means I can receive a kidney from a donor with either A or O blood type. If you are not a blood match, there is also a pair-to-pair option that would still allow someone to be a donor. The process to get tested can be started by contacting the living donor office at 800-333-9013. If more information is needed please message me directly, I am happy to answer any questions. I appreciate all the love and support and I appreciate any type of help I can get in finding a donor.