Cathy McDowell

Amanda McDowell (daughter’s Facebook page for more details)

Hey friends, if you know me, you know I LoVe my mama!! She’s such a genuine, heart centered, engaged, beautiful example of a human being. For most of her career, she worked as a a home health nurse taking care of babies and children sent home to be well cared for before they die. I mean, I can’t even imagine the resolve & dedication to show everyday to work, to be the spot of sunshine, the one with the calm knowing, that just for today we’re going to take care of each other, and laugh and sing songs, and play, and do CPT, and clean trachs, and change diapers and look parents in the eye and lend them strength and smiles. I’m reaching out, because I have to at least try. She’s in end stage renal failure. End stage as in her hematocrit levels are below, well livable. She’s been on the kidney transplant list for 3 years. She’s been so dedicated to taking care of such good herself to hold the decline at bay but here we are. Tomorrow she having a conversation with her doctor about hospice. So, if you’re willing to lend a second and some wall space, maybe you could share this and we could reach even more potential candidates… you never know who might be ready and willing to be a kidney donor. You can call The Living Donor information line at Presbyterian St.Luke’s in Denver at 720-754-2155. Her name is Cathy McDowell. If you’re at all curious or feel called, it never hurts to have a conversation with them just to get a little more info. Thank you again for all the overwhelming support! And sharing and caring! She could really use all this LoVe! I’ll be showing her when I get up there to spend some time together. SO YOU DO NOT NEED BE THE SAME BLOOD TYPE. They will do a matched pairing where someone with the donors blood type will be paired and my mom would receive the next available kidney of her blood type. The people at the donor hotline can walk you through all the steps and possibilities. They’re super easy to talk to. Presbyterian St. Luke’s in Denver. +1-800-758-1005